How to Determine If Your AC System Needs to be Replaced

AC System Needs to be ReplacedNo matter how well your AC may be running, it is time to consider a replacement when more than a decade has passed since you installed your HVAC system. A life cycle of a little more than 10 years is common for HVAC units and Cooley's Comfort can help you find the perfect replacement system to fit your needs and your budget. 

But how do you determine when it is time to retire your old AC and to get a new one? Here are some indicators:

When repair costs increase – If you are paying larger amounts for repairs, or facing repair bills on a more frequent basis, it is a good idea to upgrade to a new system. Higher repair costs usually mean that replacement parts for your AC are becoming difficult to find because your system is outdated. Along with experiencing more frequent breakdowns, this should be a sign that you need to replace your AC.

When your AC cannot maintain a proper cooling level – When your AC cannot keep the inside of your house as cool and comfortable as it used to, it probably is time to replace it. Once you start lowering the thermostat from its normal setting on a regular basis to reach the indoor temperature you desire, it is time to get a new AC system.

When utility bills spike – If you find you are paying more for energy consumption than you have in the past, that suggests it is time for an AC system replacement. Higher utility bills mean your AC is using more energy to keep your home cool. That means it is working more than it should and has lost some of its efficiency over time. When you get a new, energy-efficient AC system, you will end up with lower energy bills.

Let Cooley's Comfort Replace Your Old Air Conditioning System

Replacing your old air-conditioning system with a new one is a decision you will not regret, particularly when you upgrade to a more efficient unit with a higher SEER rating from Cooley’s Comfort. Our company specializes in cooling and heating installation, residential HVAC installation, and other HVAC-related services. To find out more about new AC units and installation services, contact us online or call us at 602-786-5459 to get a free estimate and assessment for your AC needs. Cooley’s Comfort serves customers in the Greater Phoenix, Arizona area.