How to Test Indoor Air Quality

How to test indoor air quality

Typically, the quality of the air indoors is better than the quality of the air outdoors. However, some homes have really poor indoor air quality that it is not as healthy to breathe as the air outside. How can you determine if the air inside your home is safe for your family?

When the air inside your home is full of contaminants, it is not healthy for your family. You will need to address such a problem immediately to avoid any health issues that come with poor indoor air quality. Before you can address the situation, however, you need to find out what pollutants are present and how to eliminate them.

Most Common Pollutants in the Air & How to Detect Them

Some pollutants in the air can cause serious ailments while others can trigger respiratory issues, like asthma. You need to find these irritants and get rid of them to avoid health problems. Here are some common contaminants found in homes and how you can spot them:

Molds – The presence of mold spores in the are you breathe means there is an infestation in your home. To locate the source of these spores, you need to let your nose and vision guide you. Look for a strong musty smell and dark green or black spots on walls and ceilings. The stronger the musty smell, the closer you are to the source of the mold.

Radon gas- This gas is difficult to detect because it is odorless and colorless. It is the product of decaying radium and uranium in the soil, which can leak into your home via cracks in your basement and crawl spaces. To detect this gas, you need to purchase a radon testing kit. If radon is detected in your home, evacuate everyone and contact a professional for help immediately.

Carbon monoxide – Another very dangerous gas that is odorless and colorless is carbon monoxide. Produced by vehicle exhaust, carbon monoxide can cause serious health issues in people. It can also be produced by other items in your home, such as your stove, fireplace, furnace, gas heater, and even cigarette smoke. Carbon monoxide testing kits are available to check levels in your home. Detectors can be purchased that will send out an alarm if carbon monoxide levels become dangerous.

What to Do When You Have Poor Indoor Air Quality

When you detect that your home is suffering from poor indoor air quality, whether it is through your own efforts or with the help of a professional, your next step is to improve your indoor air quality. It is better if you have a professional check your home’s indoor air quality since they can exact measures to fix this immediately. In Phoenix, AZ, the company you can call to do this is Cooley’s Comfort.

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