Job completed for Kirk Welch

Completion date: April 24, 2018

Customer type: Commercial

Location: Mesa, AZ

Why did the customer contact us?

The swamp cooler were leaking on a commercial business' roof and they wanted to make sure they were ready for the season.

Solutions provided:

We inspected the swamp coolers, performing our summer ready check. We also adjusted the belts and pulleys to adjust the motor performance and amp pulled for the five swamp cooler units. All of the bearings were oiled and adjusted.

We also found two of the units were leaking water and needed the pads to be adjusted so these were fixed as well.

The client's swamp cooler system is now ready for the upcoming summer temps.

Team members on this project:

Ron Zimmerman,

Photos & Videos:

Commercial Swamp Cooler Repair

Commercial Swamp Cooler Repair