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Reviewed By: Don S
Location: Chandler, AZ

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Home Advisor

Comment Dominic was a very honest, conscientious, trustworthy contractor. He went above and beyond the original scope. For example, he arrived and went to work to determine the cause of my heating problem. He found the problem, took pictures then came back down from the attic to show me the pictures and discuss the work that needed to be done, and presented a bid price, estimating the job to take an hour. I put him to work. While installing the new part, he discovered a wiring problem that a previous contractor caused, and proceeded to fix it - and checked all the wiring against the manufacturers wiring diagram. This took him an additional 90 minutes to complete. When finished, he only charged me the original bid price, but I paid him additional anyway. I told him that I appreciated his honesty, sincerity, and felt his bid was very reasonable for the work that needed to be done, and I didn't mind paying additional knowing it was getting done properly and knowing he wasn't out to overcharge me like many contractors do. I highly recommend this man to everyone.
Overall Rating 5 Stars

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