HVAC Maintenance Service Calls

HVAC Maintenance Service Calls in Phoenix, AZ

With the changing of seasons, there is sure to be a rise in heating and cooling issues. While you may not consider how your HVAC system will heat or cool your home until you actually need it, support from professional HVAC maintenance can diminish the various issues you could potentially face when the weather changes.

Common HVAC Issues

The most widely recognized HVAC service calls incorporate issues with the accompanying parts:

  • Blown or Tripped Fuses: Fuses are located in your circuit breaker and protect your circuit from excessive amperage.  If your fuse has tripped, often you can reset it to restart the unit, but it is likely it is a signal of bigger issues like excessive starting, low amp draw, short cycling electrical spikes or improper sizing.  Fortunately, Cooley's Comfort can install a compressor start kit, which will help prevent most failures.
  • Refrigerant Leaks: Over time, units can lose refrigerant due to a leak in the lines or from evaporation over time, causing your unit to quit cooling. 
  • Thermostats: Your Thermostat is in charge of advising your HVAC system when to turn on. If you're having issues with your thermostat, check to ensure the battery doesn't need replacing and that the HVAC unit is accurately set.
  • Contactor: Contactors are used to starting the HVAC system by controlling power to the condenser and compressor. At the point when contractors are breaking down, the electrical current won't go through to begin the operation. This can be caused by pitted or corroded points, short cycling, burnt wiring, shorted coils or frozen contacts.
  • Dirty or Clogged Air Filters: If you don't switch out your air filters, you may notice more dust around your home or office.  What you may not realize is that dirty or clogged air filters affect the indoor air quality and can decrease efficiency.  We recommend you have your HVAC system checked at least once annually to ensure that your indoor is healthy and that every component of your HVAC system is at manufacturer specs for optimum performance. Why? Because we at Cooley’s Comfort is obsessed with your comfort.

Did you Know??

dirty blower motor-on furnace orig 1/16th of an inch of dirt on a blower wheel can increase its energy consumption by 25%.
dirty filterWhen the coil and filter on your furnace becomes plugged, it’s like running a marathon while breathing through a straw.
Maintenance ServiceDirty blower motors on your HVAC unit will fail prematurely and may cause a very costly repair.


We recommend you have your HVAC system checked at least once annually to guarantee that your indoor air is healthy and every component of your HVAC system is in great working condition.

Contact Cooley's Comfort

When you have these or other issues with your HVAC system, let Cooley's Comfort help you. We offer HVAC maintenance services to keep your indoor air quality comfortable and healthy at all times. We can schedule this service in advance as a consistent check-up for your HVAC system or we can schedule heater and AC maintenance at your convenience.

Whatever the issue, let Cooley's Comfort help you out with expert evaluation. Contact us at 602-786-5459 to learn more about our HVAC services in Greater Phoenix, AZ

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