Swamp Coolers Installation Service

Swamp Coolers Installation Service in Greater Phoenix, AZ

The Advantages of Swamp Coolers

Swap Cooler

Swamp coolers aka evaporative coolers have the following advantages over a refrigerated system:

  • Generally lower initial purchase costs than refrigerated systems (You can save up to 50%).
  • Lower peak energy usage (up to 90% less) which means lower wiring costs, potentially usable with solar energy and less requirement for additional power stations.
  • Less greenhouse gas production (Typically 80% less).
  • Lower running costs than refrigerated systems (Typically 80% less) so you can save hundreds of dollars per year.
  • Lower energy usage (Typically 80% less).
  • Allows flow through ventilation, with plenty of fresh air.
  • No CFC's or HFC's (ie. no OZONE DEPLETION).
  • In dry areas, the higher humidity is beneficial (Refrigerated systems dehydrate the air too much on a dry day).
  • The wet filter pads filter the air.
  • Some people prone to allergens find the wet air less irritating.
  • It doesn't matter if your children keep leaving the door open!

When you need swamp cooler services in Greater Phoenix, AZ or surrounding areas, contact Cooley's Comfort today at 602-786-5459 .

Recently Completed Swamp Cooler Jobs

Commercial Swamp Cooler Repair

We inspected the swamp coolers, performing our summer ready check. We also adjusted the belts and pulleys to adjust the motor performance and amp pulled for the five swamp cooler units. All of the bearings were oiled and adjusted.

We also found two of the units were leaking water and needed the pads to be adjusted so these were fixed as well.

The client's swamp cooler system is now ready for the upcoming summer temps.

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