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Duct cleaning is important as most buildings, residential or commercial, use a central HVAC system that links to the ductwork. Ducts are pathways for the air that enters your home or office. If you have a central air conditioning system, you should pay attention to your ducts. Outside pollutants such as dirt, microbes, dust, and contaminants and cooking smoke, or cigarette smoke enter the duct system before they are filtered through your HVAC system. All these pollutants will create mold in the ductwork and with time, they will find their way inside. At Cooley's Comfort, we offer professional duct cleaning service to business and homeowners in the Greater Phoenix, AZ area.

Duct Cleaning for Home and Business Owners

percent of Americans liveCooley's Comfort offers the best duct cleaning service available with our experienced team of professionals. We will clean out the dust, dirt, mold, mildew and other pollutants that have built up in your duct system over time. We believe in customer satisfaction and we ensure the maximum cleanliness possible for your duct system. We provide two types of duct cleaning services to accommodate all properties:

Why you should worry about polluted ducts:

  • Children fall into greater risk zones from contaminated air.
  • Polluted air can cause severe headaches, dizziness, throat itching, flu symptoms and other serious issues.
  • Polluted ducts mean there's not enough airflow and the HVAC system has to work harder; which can result in a shorter lifespan of the system and higher energy bills.

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If you think it is time you should do a duct inspection to check for molds or mildew growth, call Cooley's Comfort at 602-786-5459 to conduct the inspection as well as the cleaning job for you in Greater Phoenix, AZ area. You can also contact us directly and we will be in touch with you.

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