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Duct Cleaning

Duct systems are the complex structure of passageways that distribute conditioned air to different rooms. The duct system is designed to supply cool or warm air from your HVAC system and circulate or return the same amount of air back to your HVAC systems. While this network of ducts distributes comfortable air through individual room registers, it also transfers indoor air back to the return duct before conditioning it and supplying the air back to each room. Because of the complexity of the duct system, you may not even realize that your indoor air quality and comfort level depend on a good ductwork system.

At Cooley's Comfort, we have been serving business and homeowners in Greater Phoenix, Arizona with HVAC and ductwork services for a very long time. We have the most experienced and praised HVAC specialists in the area and we can fix or install your new ductwork design with such care that no one else can offer.

Ductwork Design and Installation

Ductwork design and installation is a complex job so you shouldn't let just anyone handle your duct system. At Cooley's Comfort, our ductwork experts will evaluate your property before starting the job to determine the appropriate size of ducts which depends on air volume, velocity, and resistance, before proceeding with the installation process accordingly. We will also help you determine the right material for the ducts depending on your property - from the vast selection of galvanized steel, aluminum, fiberglass and flexible plastic.

Once your selections have been made, we'll install your new duct design so you can start breathing cleaner, healthier air.

Cooley's Comfort Can Help With Various Ductwork Services

At Cooley's Comfort, we can help you with various ductwork services. Some of the services we offer for your duct systems include:

  • Examine your ductwork and professionally test its efficiency
  • Duct cleaning to ensure a clean and healthy airflow
  • Repair and seal air leaks with duct sealing
  • Introduce protective components to enhance the ductwork lifespan

To repair, replace or add to your existing ductwork you can rely on Cooley's Comfort. Contact us today at 602-786-5459 to learn more about our residential and commercial ductwork services in Greater Phoenix, AZ.

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