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Energy Audits in Greater Phoenix, AZ

Energy audits are usually conducted by a professional HVAC technician as an analysis of your energy consumption. This diagnosis will give you an idea of how much energy you're using on a daily basis and what you can do to reduce your energy bills. Though a good number of people know what energy audits are, there are still people who have no idea.

At Cooley’s Comfort, we have been working as an HVAC contractor in Arizona for a long time and we can provide you with all the information and services you may need for your home energy audit.

Home Energy Evaluation Process

The process of an energy evaluation is performed by a professional auditor and HVAC technician. They will go through every corner of your property to evaluate where your energy is being used most frequently, if there are any air leaks, and what you can do to decrease your energy consumption and make your home more efficient. The process goes as follows:

  • The auditor will measure the size of your house and the existing characteristics.
  • Evaluation of every parameter of your property such as doors, windows, insulation, HVAC system, ductwork etc.
  • A thorough analysis of utility and fuel bills.
  • Testing the airtightness of the property.
  • Checking for abnormalities in thermal quality of the property.
  • Rarely offered PTF air infiltration measurement technique.


Cooley's Comfort is Here to Help!

The primary advantage of energy audits is that they eliminate probability. Home energy audits are supposed to be exact statistics, not guessed numbers. Here at Cooley’s Comfort, our professionally trained auditor can take a thorough look at your home and give you exact details about how you can improve your home efficiency and increase your savings. Contact us at 602-786-5459  for your home energy audit in Greater Phoenix, AZ.

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