HVAC Installation and Repairs in Paradise Valley, AZ by Cooley’s Comfort 

Having your air-conditioning unit stop in the middle of a very hot day is not a pretty sight. It is something you don’t want to ever happen to you, yet it can happen if your air-conditioning system is not properly maintained. If you want to keep your cool during the hottest days of the year in Paradise Valley, AZ, you need to properly maintain your AC and the company to help you do that is Cooley’s Comfort.

During the hottest days of the year, not having an AC that is working or having one that is not giving you the kind of comfortable cool you expect, can be brutal. To ensure that you have a fully functioning AC that won’t give up on you when you need it the most, you need a company that can help you whenever you need them. Whether its AC maintenance, AC repair, or AC installations, the company to contact is Cooley’s Comfort.

How Cooley's Comfort Can Help You With Your HVAC Needs

Keeping your AC running efficiently is not an easy feat. This can only be managed with the help of professionals who know exactly what needs to be done when it needs to be done. With the help of Cooley’s Comfort, you can rest assured that your AC will give you the cooling you need when you need it. The services you can expect from us include the following:

Cooling and Heating

Commercial HVAC – We provide our customers with commercial cooling and heating systems to help keep their places of business comfortable for everyone inside.

Residential HVAC – Don’t suffer the heat with a cooling unit that does not give you the kind of cool you want. We have what your home needs in both cooling and heating systems.

Scheduled Maintenance – To keep your HVAC system from deteriorating and to make it last longer, scheduling maintenance checks is a must.

System Replacements – If your system has been around for more than a decade, maybe it’s time for you to consider a newer and more energy efficient system.


Duct Cleaning – Did you know that you need to clean out your ducts at least once a year to provide your home with clean air? Cleaning your ducts will remove not only dust and dander but also rodent droppings and other debris that can cause illnesses.

Duct Sealing – One of the reasons why homes have hot and cold spots is because of holes in ductwork that is allowing conditioned air to escape. Duct sealing will help address this problem.

Duct Design and Installation – Designing and installing a system of ducts inside your place of business and your home should always be done by a professional. This is to give you the maximum benefit that comes from your cooling and heating system. 

Cooley’s Comfort is the Company to Call in Paradise Valley, AZ

Whether you need to have a new AC installed or want to have your ductwork checked for leaks, in Paradise Valley, AZ, the company to contact is Cooley’s Comfort. We can also provide you with assistance when it comes to attic insulation, energy audits, and improving indoor air quality.

Call us at 602-786-5459 to find out more about our long list of services. You can also visit our Contact Us page and fill out our form to schedule your free estimate.

Customer Reviews from Paradise Valley
Will L from Paradise Valley, AZ
5 Stars
Reviewed on Home Advisor
May 10th, 2017
The technician (Sam) was very polite and informative. He was great to work with.